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Maximize Control Effect

In order to implement weather control, it is necessary to be able to discuss and examine quantitatively on a bottleneck of decision-making factors: the ways to maximize the effect of weather control.
To achieve this, a comparative study of the “cost of weather control” and the “damage reduction effect of weather control” is essential. The following goals were set to make a comparison in this project.

Quantifying Weather Controllability

Clarifying whether there is a separatrix that separates disaster and non-disaster regimes from historical disastrous events. Through deep learning, can smaller operations control disasters?

Quantifying Avoidable Damage by the Weather Control

Estimating economical damage and affected populations throughout Japan under controlled and non-controlled scenarios.


Research Tasks

Project Structure

The project Structure is as follows. In addition to three research teams, there are two other teams in this project. 1): PM Support Team and 2): Project Management Team who takes care of management affairs such as URA tasks and ELSI.