Moonshot Goal 8: Weather Control

By creating quantification technology for both
weather operability and the damage reduction,
the weather control effect is maximized.



About this Project

Beyond Predictions

In this project, the challenge is to create a society that makes efficient use of predictions (A World Beyond Predictions), such as control of weather/disasters and the design of cost-effective observation networks, in addition to the conventional "deepening of environmental prediction technology.
For example, In the Moonshot R&D program of the Cabinet Office, we are developing quantifying technologies for “cost of weather control” and “avoidable damage by the weather control” to enable discussions on a bottleneck for decision-making: the way to maximize the effect of control. We are working with a collaborative team of meteorology, mathematics, information, and industry to control typhoons and torrential rain that are becoming more severe and to realize a society safe from the threat of extreme winds and rain.
When those new technologies are implemented in society, we need to research into ethical, legal, and social issues. In this project, we promote research on disaster prediction and control based on a scientific and engineering approach, as well as interdisciplinary research on humanities and social sciences that deals with ethical, legal, and social issues.


  • 順天堂大学
  • 東京大学
  • 京都大学
  • 大阪大学
  • 広前大学
  • 千葉大学
  • SOMPOリスクマネジメント株式会社